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Lithuania - Belarus
4 : 5   (2:3)
    The match is over. Belarus won 5-4 against Lithuania. It was an up and down in the second half, but Belarus win was deserved.
40'   saved by the keeper
40'   5th PC Belarus
34'   missed by Volha Shyntar
34'   4th PC Belarus
31'   missed by Volha Shyntar
30'   3rd PC Belarus
26'   saved by the keeper
26'   5th PC Lithuania
26' 4:5 GOAL Lithuania nice flick by Simona Grubliauskaite 4-5
25'   4th PC Lithuania
24' 3:5 And it goes on, GOAL Belarus nice deflection by Yuliya Mikheichyk 3-5
23' 3:4 GOAL Lithuania scored by Dovile Jakaite 3-4
21' 2:4 Fast start from Belarus GOAL scored by Yuliya Mikheichyk 2-4
20'   The second halftime is underway
    Lithuania with the far better start in the match. But they lost their line of play. Belarus dominated the last minutes.
20' 2:3 Alesia Piotukh scores with a rebound
20'   good save with the glove from Arune Paulaviciute
19'   2nd PC BLR
15'   3rd PC LTU. flat ball misses the goal
14' 2:2 Shyntar again with a good flick
14'   1st PC for BLR
10' 2:1 Captain Volha Shyntar with the first goal of the match for Belarus
8' 2:0 Simona Grubliauskaite with the high flick in the net
7'   2nd PC LTU
4'   saved by the BLR keeper Yuliya Lashuk
3'   1st PC LTU
1' 1:0 Ina Kenstaviciute with the very early lead
0'   match underway
    Belarus with six points is already save. They will stay in the European Nations Championship division. And their qualification for the Indoor World Cup 2011 in Poznan (Poland) is save, too. Lithuania is determined as one of the demoted teams
    Umpires of the match will be Tatiana Chojnacka (POL) and Mirjam Wessel (NED).
    Welcome to the third day of the EuroHockey Indoor Nations Championship in Duisburg. We start with the third match of the relegation round between Lithuania and Belarus.