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Lithuania - Poland
1 : 7   (1:1)
    Interesting tactic of the Polish team. They played 35 minutes without a keeper, but conceeded only one goal. Surely an important victory for the development of this young team.
40' 1:7 two seconds before the hooter a nice deflection by Monika Milewska
38'   not stopped
38'   3rd PC LTU
37' 1:6 beautiful flick from captain Joanna Wieloch, from the circle line in the upper left corner
35' 1:5 Paulina Okaj with a flat ball in the left corner
35'   5th PC POL
34' 1:4 and again a counter attack. Wieloch with the 4-1
34'   now the Polish coach changes back the keeper
33' 1:3 good counter attack - Aleksandra Bugala scores the 3-1
32'   penalty time is over - Poland again with six field players
29'   Poland now with a keeper, while Wieloch is suspended.
29'   now time-out Poland
29'   Yellow Card for Joanna Wieloch.
25'   saved by 'playing goalie' Marlena Rybacha on the line
25'   2nd PC LTU
24' 1:2 great solo by Natalia Wisniewska
24'   not stopped
24'   4th PC POL
23'   Captain Donata Dildaite with a save on the goal line
22'   3rd PC POL
22'   Poland still with six field players on the pitch. They dominated the first half, but the score is 1-1.
21'   second half underway
17'   time-out LTU
12' 1:1 the equalizer for Poland, by Joanna Wieloch
10'   ball cleared on the goal line
9'   2nd PC POL
8'   Marlena Rybacha, playing for Großflottbek in the German league, is the 'playing goalie' for Poland
7' 1:0 Simona Grubliauskaite scores the lead for LTU. A flick against the Polish side, where a field player is in the goal.
6'   1st PC for Lithuania
3'   missed by Poland
2'   1st PC for Poland
    umpires of the match will be Liudmila Aleinikoviene (BLR) and Mirjam Wessel (NED).
    Welcome to the first match in relegation round C between Lithuania and Poland. Both teams start with 0 points in this round, so this match is extremly important, if they will have a chance to stay in the Nations Championships. For Lithuania it's also important for the World Cup qualification (top six in Duisburg). Poland is already qualified as the host of the IWC 2011 in Poznan.