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Germany - Lithuania
6 : 2   (5:2)
    Germany with the third victory in the third match of the tournament. They are on top of the pool and will play against Spain in the semifinal at 7.40 p.m.
39'   4th PC LTU, no goal
38' 6:2 there is the sixth goal. Landshut with a pass to Böhmert
35'   Landshuts flick over the cross bar
34'   Böhmert earns the 5th PC for GER
33'   Böhmert misses the goal on the left side
33'   Penalty stroke for Germany
32'   good defended
31'   3rd PC LTU
27'   good save from Gylla Rau on the line
25'   flick misses the goal on the right side
25'   2nd PC LTU
22'   goal from Landshut disallowed. three points
21'   Brockmann this time wide to the right side
21'   Böhmert gets the 5th PC for Germany
20'   second half underway
    There has been a correction. The umpires had disallowed the last goal. We don't know the reason, sorry.
    round about 1.000 spectators are here. They see a dominant German team in the first half. The lead is more than deserved. It could have been a higher score for Germany.
19'   Gerke with a rebound high in the net. The umpires have disallowed the goal
16'   Kim Platten with a good stick save
15' 5:2 PC not stopped, but Ausra Janutaite with the rebound
15'   1st PC LTU
14' 5:1 Brockmann again with a flick to the left
13'   4th PC GER
12'   good chance for Landshut, but no goal
11' 4:1 Anke Brockmann with a strong flick
10'   3rd PC Germany
10' 3:1 next attack, next goal from Böhmert
9'   good save of the Lithuanian keeper against Böhmerts flick
9'   Böhmert again - 2nd PC for Germany
7' 2:1 Anneke Böhmert with a turning shot in front of the keeper - brilliant
5' 1:1 Dovile Jakaite with the equalizer
2' 1:0 Luisa Steindor scores the 1-0 for the home team
1'   first attack and 1st PC Germany
0'   match underway
    Germany can claim the top of the pool with one point out aof this match. If they will be first in Pool A, they will face Spain in the semifinal at 7.40 p.m. today.
    Welcome to the pool match between Germany and Lithuania. Umpires are Irene Clelland (SCO) and Tatiana Chojnacka (POL).