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Hallen-Hockey als Schlüssel?

Indoor hockey used as key development tool for Germany


01.02.2018 - Auf der FIH-Seite findet sich ein lesenswerter Artikel über Hallen-Hockey in Deutschland.

Herren-Bundestrainer Stefan Kermas wird dazu wie folgt zitiert: "Playing under pressure in a tight space will improve offensive and decision making skills. You can also develop and work on defending skills, especially in man-on-man marking. Last but not least elements and principles of zonal defence systems, which are so important in indoor hockey, can be used outdoor as well."

Auch Bundestrainer Akim Bouchouchi kommt zu Wort: "We choose to use this Indoor Hockey World Cup to expose our players to international hockey and all the aspects that come along with it. Other nations are now touring the world to prepare for the outdoor Hockey World Cup, for us these events are part of the preparation for the outdoor World Cup."

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